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Service Fees and Babysitting Rates


I just wanted to let you know that Angela coming over and watching our boys went really well. We liked her very much, she is very knowledgeable on children and has a fun personality. My boys loved having her and can’t wait to have her come again. My husband and I enjoyed our anniversary dinner and were able to get a couple of errands done too, it was nice to get out!– Hina M., Richmond, VA

The information below is for clients seeking in home babysitting services.

If you are seeking hotel babysitting, babysitters for a wedding, party or business function, or seeking sitters for your church nursery, please contact us for the babysitting rates and fees.

Service Fees (Paid to River City Sitters) 

Annual Membership Fee: $35 per family (renewed each year on the date you originally paid)

Each family must be registered as a client, sharing a babysitter between two or more families is only allowed in certain situations. Please contact us for the babysitting rates for this type of situation. 

On-Call Placement Fee (each time a sitter is provided) = $12

Any requests (each time a sitter is provided) made with less than 24 hours notice will need to pay a placement fee of $15.

Any requests made with less than 12 hours notice will need to pay a placement fee of $18

Please note: The placement fee is charged when a sitter is scheduled, even if the client cancels.

Temporary Placement placement Fee: If the client would like the same babysitter for a set number of weeks over a short period of time, please contact us to receive a quote.

Permanent placement Fee:  These rates are based on the number of days per week the sitter is used. 

If the client is to have a babysitter 1 or more days a week on a permanent basis, the client is to pay River City Sitters one of the following permanent placement fees:

$12 each day for 1 day/week
$60/month for 2 days/week
$85/month for 3 days/week
$10/5month for 4 days/week
$125/month for 5 days a week

If the client would like to use the sitter for any additional days on any week other than what was paid for, the client is to pay River City Sitters a $12 placement fee per time.

Babysitting Rates (Paid directly to the sitter.):

For 2 hrs or less, pay to the sitter is a flat rate of $30 for 1-2 children or $35 for 3-4 children.

If a sitter is booked for more than 2 hrs, but less than 3 hrs, the sitter is to be paid for a minimum of 3 hrs at the hourly rate based on the number of children (see hourly sitting rates below).

If a sitter is booked for 3 hrs or more hours, she/he is to be paid an hourly rate based on the number of children.

1/2 children = $12/hour

3/4 children = $14/ hour

5 children = $16/ hour 

Reoccurring/ Nanny rates (Paid directly to the sitter):
In addition to babysitters, we often are able to provide nannies. The hourly rate paid to the nanny depends on the specific needs of the family. In general, the rate starts at $14/hr and may include light housework, kids laundry, and transportation. The rate will go up if the needs increase.

1/2 children = $14/hour

3/4 children = $16/hour

5 children = $18/hour

Overnight Babysitting (paid directly to the sitter):
We also provide overnight childcare. The rate for overnight childcare will start at $150 a night and can go up from there depending on the age of the children and responsibilities.

Holiday Rates (Paid directly to the sitter):
Holidays: Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve rates are as follows:
1/2 children = $14 an hour
3/4 children = $16 an hour
5 children = $18 an hour

*Cancellation of Service (paid directly to sitter):
If a cancellation is made less than 5 hours from the scheduled babysitting time(s), client agrees to pay the babysitter a $25.00 cancellation fee.


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