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Catherine, Richmond Va
We were crazy about Anne! She was so nice and "rolled with us" easily---when she first walked in, things were pretty hectic.   Pleasetell Anne she did a wonderful job and she should know all the children slept through the night! What a smooth and simple process. Thanks so much!

Jill W.- Richmond, VA
We had Megan sit for us yesterday and today and she was wonderful! We were thrilled. My son was a bit under the weather and she was amazingly patient, kind and understanding! Thank you for your help and for sending Megan to us on two difficult days. She was awesome and did your organization proud!

Shannon, Richmond Va
I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am. I first started using RCS around christmas when my regular sitter got a job and left me with very short notice. I talked with Michelle on the phone many times and am now using the online sitter request system. 
I am just so impressed with your service. I was nervous at first that there would be people watching my son whom I had never met. But my work schedule necessitates the situation. Every sitter you have sent me has been great, very friendly and responsible. I have more than a few times called on Michelle for a very short notice sitter when my work schedule changes and she has come through every single time. 
I have recommended your service to many other moms that I know and just wanted to let you know how much your work is appreciated. Being a single working mom, this is the most helpful thing for me and I haven't found any sitting solution in Richmond that's better. Thanks!
Spencer, Richmond Va
Just wanted to let you know that things went great with Denise today - I really liked her - she was great with the kids, clearly an experienced mother. I am definitely interested in having her sit again, so will ask for her when we need nighttime and weekend sitters (I know she's not always available, but would love to have her back when she is)
Lorrie, Richmond Va
I am very pleased with Amanda's approach with Elena. Even on days when Elena wants to cling to mama, Amanda has become very good at distracting Elena by finding fun things to do or games to play. She takes the lead and that makes me feel confident that while I'm working on my projects they are out having fun together. She's absolutely wonderful. When I tell Elena that Amanda is coming over, she waits at the front storm door in anticipation. I couldn't have asked for a better sitter.
Bentley, Richmond Va
I want to make sure that you know that Michelle has been a joy to work with….she was when we started with you all 4 years ago (gosh has it been that long !
Kristen P, Richmond Va
The girls are totally enjoying their summer with Becca. She is wonderful--very engaged with them, incredibly responsible and caring. We couldn't be more pleased! She is fabulous!!!!!!!!!
Jackie J., Richmond Va
Kristen was great today, thanks for providing such a great sitter! As a not so trusting mom, I feel very assured using your company in the future.
Laura S., Richmond Va
Michelle.......Many thanks for all you do to keep your business moving forward. Although we've never met, I feel like you've all been a bit of a part of my parenthood journey - from finding the right babysitter for nervous parents the first time we left the twins, to the few "regular" sitters that have become important parts of our life and our children's lives. Many thanks for all you do.
Mosca, Richmond Va
Your girls have been wonderful. I think Catherine was our last sitter and we all LOVED her!!! It's a great feeling when the kids ask for someone to come back and they've said that about both Jessica and Catherine :) I can't say enough about how much this service has helped my family !
Three Chopt Presbyterian Church, Richmond Va
Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we so much appreciate you connecting us with Joan Cooper!  She was wonderful!!!  It was a hectic day, with lots going on at church and Joan jumped right in.  The kids took to her immediately and she quickly found herself with several children in her lap wanting to be read to!
She was there in plenty of time which allowed me to introduce her to several people and give a tour of our church, which this week is beginning a HUGE renovation project!  We are really looking forward to working with Joan and any other wonderful sitter that comes our way!
Maura, Richmond Va
Heather was amazing. She walked into a crazy house - we had literally been gone from vacation for 2 hours and the kids were wound up and our unpacked stuff was everywhere. When I got home our kids were happily sound asleep and their room, the playroom, and even the rest of the house looked significantly better than they did when we left a few hours earlier.  Our kids had absolutely no anxiety about a new sitter - even when they were exhausted - thanks to Heather's calm, experience, and good judgment. We would love to have her back again.
Mona, Richmond Va
I wanted to let you know how lucky Justin and I feel to have your services, especially when Priscilla is our daughter’s sitter!  We feel so comfortable having her watch and care for Norah and know she is in safe hands with her.  She’s always very prompt (early even) and love that she was able to come to our rescue a day earlier than expected when I scheduled the days wrong initially on the most recent event.  Priscilla even goes out of her way to load and run the dishwasher, which we totally don’t expect, but it’s definitely something that doesn’t go unnoticed.  We love Priscilla!  Thank you for having such a fantastic company and keeping great people on your team.
Jessica, Richmond Va
I also wanted to let you know that we had Alee and Vanessa help with my son's birthday party yesterday and they were incredible. I honestly don't think we could have pulled it off with out them. They were so professional and took initiative to help the kids and keep them entertained the whole time. I really can't say enough good things about them! Thank you!
Stephanie, Hotel Client
 Just wanted to drop you a belated note to let you know how pleased we were.  Melissa was fabulous - easy to communicate with, great with our boys, and easy going about the crazy situation of hotel sitting.  Thank you so
much for being responsive to our request - fabulous experience.
Amy, Richmond Va
Marian was absolutely delightful!  When I asked my 6 year old if he liked her he said - she was awesome, can we have her again?  Thanks so much!!!

Adrian, Hotel Client

I had to write to you to highly recommend Rachel.  She was wonderful with my son, Sevi, and was very thoughtful about planning a day that was fun for him.  She figured out that the Children's Museum had a special where admission was 15 cents for kids.
And, she also brought along a football and a soccer ball to play with at a park.  She was well-prepared, punctual, thoughtful, responsible, and a really fun babysitter.

Missy, Richmond Va

I want to tell you how pleased I have been with every person we have had sit for us from your company. They have all been wonderful. I was apprehensive at first about having more than one or two people that would come, but we have been so happy with every sitter. I have recommended you all to all my mom friends.

Kate, Richmond Va

Just wanted to let you know that Ashley was GREAT for us last week!  All of the new (and returning!) sitters lately have been just wonderful with the kids and managing our handful of a 1-year-old yellow lab.  Great work recruiting!

Emily, Richmond Va

River City Sitters has been a lifesaver! After an unexpected move to Richmond with a new baby I was so grateful to find help I could count on. I've been very impressed with their ability to find reliable sitters for both the daytime and evenings and often last minute. I truly appreciate the service they have been able to provide to us and have been very pleased with the sitters that we've met over the last several months.