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Service Fees and Babysitting Rates

The information below is for clients seeking in home babysitting services. If you are seeking hotel babysitting, babysitters for a wedding or business function, or seeking sitters for your church nursery, please contact us at sitting@rivercitysitters.com for the babysitting rates and fees. 

Service Fees (Paid to River City Sitters):

Annual Registration Fee: $35 per family 

On-Call Referral Fee: (Paid to River City Sitters each time a sitter is provided) = $12
Please note: The referral fee is charged when a sitter is scheduled, even if the client cancels.

Sharing a Sitter:  We will provide a sitter for up to two families wishing to share a sitter.  Both families must be registered clients with River City Sitters. The referral fee is $18.  The sitter hourly rate starts at $13/hr.

Permanent Referral Fee: These rates are based on the number of days per week/month the sitter is used.  

If the client is to have a babysitter 1 or more days a week on a permanent basis, the client is to pay River City Sitters one of the following permanent placement fees:
$12 each day for 1 day/week
$60/month for 2 days/week or 8 days/month
$85/month for 3 days/week or 12 days/month
$105/month for 4 days/week or 16 days/month
$125/month for 5 days a week or 20 days/month

If the client would like to use the sitter for any additional days on any week/month other than what was paid for, the client is to pay River City Sitters a $12 referral fee per time.

Babysitting Rates for 2019 (Paid directly to the sitter):



For 2 hrs or less, pay to the sitter is a flat rate of $30 for 1-2 children or $35 for 3-4 children.


If a sitter is booked for more than 2 hrs, but less than 3 hrs, the sitter is to be paid for a minimum of 3 hours at the hourly rate based on the number of children (see hourly sitting rates below).


If a sitter is booked for 3 hrs or more hours, she/he is to be paid an hourly rate based on the number of children.


1 to 2 children = $12/hour

3 to 4 children = $14/ hour

5 children = $16/ hour

Holiday Rates:  Families wishing to book a sitter on the following holidays will pay a $12 referral fee and will pay the babysitter an hourly rate starting at $13.00 an hour and up depending on the number of children. Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve night.

For information about Overnight Babysitting, Hotel, Wedding, Event, and Church Nursery babysitting please email us at sitting@rivercitysitters.com.